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Amistar SMT equipment



Amistar SMT equipment | 15 May, 2001

I have the chance to purchase some Amistar SMT equipment at an extremely good price. I have been in SMT for a while and I am most familiar with older Quads and some Zevatech.I have many questions and concerns about Amistar that hopefully someone can shine light on. Generally I would like to do research on the types and models of these machines, I do not even know the different models etc. I am also very concerned with parts and/or support. Any info or directions to the correct place would be very helpful. Thanks.

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Amistar SMT equipment | 15 May, 2001

You should start by determining the manuafcturer of their equipment. I knew at one time, but it's probably no longer the same company.

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Amistar SMT equipment | 16 May, 2001

Davis- From my understanding Amistar does not sell SMT equipment any more. Tenryu(Amistars machine) is now IPulse.

This is right from Amistars web page "On April 1, 2000, Tenryu Technics was acquired by i�PULSE, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co. In December 2000, i�PULSE announced the names of the companies that would become i�PULSE Distributors in North America. i�PULSE established three distributors in North America, one for California, another for the territory outside of California, and a third to take responsibility for ONLY Japanese transplant companies in North America."

The models are M1/M1a a flexible machine HSD-x1 a High speed machine 64DI a cost driven machine. I would be concerned on Who and how your machines will be supported.

Caldon W. Driscoll ACI USA 610-362-1200

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Amistar SMT equipment | 24 May, 2001

I am currently running 2x Tenryu ( Amistar ) Fv7100 machines. They are sensational. However the version of the software I'm running sucks. Yamaha has basically taken over Tenryu and formed, as they call it, an independant third entity called i-Pulse. Now while the blab went on and on that customers would be looked after etc, the reality is not so rosy. It is interesting to note that Amistar pulled the pin and I believe many of the distributors of the Tenryu/Amistar did likewise. Most of these agencies were taken over by the Yamaha distributors - huh?. Parts should not be a major problem as the i-Pulse parts are 99% Tenryu. The big question is how long will this third entity last before someone takes the 'Scan Camera Technology', runs away with it and happily goes back to being one entity? Contact me direct for more detailed info, but I say again - the FV7100 is a sensational machine - so why did they "fold"? Darby

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Paul Christiansen


Amistar SMT equipment | 29 May, 2001

The most current Amistar models prior to Tenyru being sold were the 7100 series. This is very similar to the current I-Pulse equipment. Before that, there was the 5800 (4 heads all vision) 5720Z (3 mechanical heads, 1 vision to 20mil) and the 5630 (4 heads mechanical) If you are interested, I do have the original literature on all these machines. If you need them I can be e-mailed at: I was a former Amistar rep in the midwest. As far as service goes, I believe Amistar still services these machines (760-471-1700)

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