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First Off and P+P Data

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First Off and P+P Data | 12 May, 2011


I am looking at reducing the time it takes for our operators to complete a first off on the first board that comes off the p+p machine. I started off by conducting some RCA to find out what was the main cause of boards failing the first off. From this I found that the main reason boards fail is due to incorrect orientation of parts caused by bad p+p data. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to reduce the time of the first off whilst still ensuring a quality product is produced and also ways of ensuring quality p+p data. Thanks.


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First Off and P+P Data | 25 May, 2011

The SimmScope is a first article inspection system that uses an overhead digital microsope on a motorized gantry to inspect the board - much like an AOI - except that it does not automatically make the pass/fail decisions. It is up to the operator to make the decision based on a visual comparison of the live image to the stored golden board image. The advantage over the scanning type systems is the higher resolution of the microscope for viewing small parts.

The system imports both the Gerber data and the XY list. It uses them to display a graphical "roadmap" of the board that can be used for point to point navigation. It can also be used to detect and correct errors in the pick and place program, as bad rotations will show up on the graphics. The corrected XY list can be exported back out to the Pick and place machine

A post inspection report is generated for traceabililty, as well as a color coded graphical printout. The report can also be loaded back into the machine to re-inspect areas of the PCB.

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First Off and P+P Data | 26 May, 2011

If you having bad rotations as main issue this should be fixed at SMT programming side before needing inspection. There are software tools that can eliminate this issue and first article inspection related to rotation errors can be eliminated. ie stickytape runs are eliminated.

If data is scrubbed, neutralised before SMT then alot of issues dissappear and no need to First article inspection, assuming PnP is working well and process is stable.

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