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Stacking/piggyback chip.

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Stacking/piggyback chip. | 23 May, 2011

I need to stack 2 resistors size 2010 on one location.

Ive heard that there is a chip like solder solid which could be placed on the solder pad connecting both chips with its height, but never got much detail about this.

cant afford to be doing this manually.

any help is appreciated.

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Stacking/piggyback chip. | 24 May, 2011

We had a Quad 4C that was fitted with a dispensing nozzle. It was perfect for jobs like this. Place the 1st component in the paste, add a dot or 2 of paste to the top of that part and then place the 2nd component on top.

I beleive that you may be talking about tape & reeled solder slugs. They come in standard sizes 0402, 0603 etc. I suppose that you could try placing one of these on each termination of the 1st component and then trying to stack the 2nd on top of the slugs. Without any flux or paste to hold them in place my guess would be that they would fall off before they hit the reflow oven. Will your pick and place support a flux pot ? Maybe try dipping the slugs and the 2nd part before placing ??

Good Luck

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Stacking/piggyback chip. | 27 May, 2011

You mean stacks like these?


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Stacking/piggyback chip. | 1 June, 2011

wow, yes thats the same thing. but only on one location with two level stacks only.

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