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Finding MSL Levels

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Finding MSL Levels | 31 May, 2011

This is probably a stupid question but how come it is so hard to find moisture sensitivity levels from some manufacturers. Data sheets don't show this information.Is there any easy way of finding this out other than contacting the manufacturer or doing extensive google searching. Some parts just seem impossible to get this information.


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Finding MSL Levels | 3 June, 2011

Ideally the MSL should be recorded on the label on the DRY PACK that you receive the devices in....that's the protocol the device manufacturers / distributors should use to help your goods in and shop floor personnel know which are/are not moisture sensitive (as directed by IPC JEDEC 033B). But if its not on the moisture barrier bag label then the only option is contacting them directly or internet searching.

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Finding MSL Levels | 6 June, 2011

A reputable supplier will identify the level CLEARLY on the packaging and in the datasheet as well. If they are KNOWN to be MSDs, I'd be suspicious if they aren't marked. Or, they may not be MSDs. I don't think it's required to ID them as "M1" if not moisture-sensitive (though it would be helpful).

Remember that it's up to the manufacturer to do the testing and assign the levels for their parts. The "same" part from 2 different manufacturers may be coded differently and both could be valid- even to the point of one being M1 (not a MSD). E.g. ceramic vs plastic pkg.

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