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Has anybody have exp. with a MVP AOI?

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Has anybody have exp. with a MVP AOI? | 7 June, 2011

My company is looking into buying a MVP AOI. I wanted to hear from somebody who has hands on exp. with the machines. Thx.

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Has anybody have exp. with a MVP AOI? | 7 June, 2011

We're in the process of doing the same. We've gone through a large amount of presentations from at least 5 different machine manufacturers. MVP is one of the machines on the top of our list. Their GUI is very friendly, programming time was low compared to what I do now and the item that I saw that really impressed was the Z-axis on the camera. Basically it allows you to refocus the inspection camera on a part by part basis in order to inspect tall body (think EEE caps) parts that would otherwise be out of focus. It's an optional item though which is a bit of a stink.

I'll be more than happy to let you know more as we go further in our reviews/interviews/testings.

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Has anybody have exp. with a MVP AOI? | 17 June, 2011

I have no experience with MVP systems, but you may find something useful here.

Try the forums search engine. There is plenty of information and topics related to AOIs.

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Has anybody have exp. with a MVP AOI? | 22 June, 2011

Hello NHTech,

When it came time to invest in AOI, my team and I checked out several machines. We run a wide variety of products and our changeover is high, on the order of five to ten jobs per day. MVP is one of the machines that we looked at, however, we found the programming to be very cumbersome. My take is that MVP would probably be better suited for higher volume applications where programming time is not so critical. Ultimately, we narrowed the selection down to two machines, YESTech and MIRTEC. We had an opportunity to work with both of these machines on our production floor. We found that the MIRTEC machine consistently provided better defect coverage than the competitive system, especially with regard to solder joint inspection. We also ran a very simple Gage R&R test on the two systems. The MIRTEC machine easily won.

The MIRTEC machine was about two and a half times faster with roughly 20% less false calls. Although this did help with my ROI, performance was my main concern. We cannot afford escapes... PERIOD! That's the reason why we needed AOI in the first place!

We now have a total of five MIRTEC machines in production including an MV-7xi system configured with a total of five(5) 5 mega pixel cameras and a high resolution telecentric lens. Solder inpsection on 01005's is not a problem. You should also check out thier Intelli-Scan Laser system option. Totally worth the investment in my opinion.

Good luck with your AOI project.


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