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CAD Export issue: S.O.S

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CAD Export issue: S.O.S | 7 June, 2011

Any and all input will be greatly appreciated. So here it goes.

I'm having an issue where the cad I'm getting from customers is referencing pin 1 as the parts placement. This isn't an issue for surface mount, however the aoi machine that we have in house relies on the x,y cords in order to create the program properly. As it is, with the information that is translated from the cad delivered the programs reference pin 1 as the center point of each part. In order to create the programs for this aoi the x,y needs to be centered on the part packages.

I'm desperatley trying to resolve this issue, and was hoping somsone might have some input on such. Is there a way to convert/correct the cords without a complete overhaul of the cad, maybe a file export option on the customers end that I'm not aware of?

The aoi machine in question is an SJ-50 Agilent. The system can take in .pcb,.neu,.asc,.cad, and a few others I don't have off the top of my head.

Thank you for your time.

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CAD Export issue: S.O.S | 7 June, 2011

Export The Cad data from the Pick & place it will be centroid data if you can.

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CAD Export issue: S.O.S | 7 June, 2011

Tried this, but was unable to import the csv file into camcad properly. Have you had success with this?

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CAD Export issue: S.O.S | 8 June, 2011

Update: I was able to import the csv pick & place data that was given, issue is that the data fails to over write the insert cords that have already been given with the cad data. Can not load the csv data without the first (cad) file loaded, so there's no way to try and trick the software that I can tell.

I've even gone so far as to create centroid data for all placements in hopes that I could replace the insert cords with this information. However, short of stepping through each location and hand typing every X/Y for each placement....I can't see how to do so.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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CAD Export issue: S.O.S | 8 June, 2011

Can you massage the data manually? Extract the centroid data (file) from your P&P and either in notepad or excel perform the scrub then repaste to match the proper lines/columns in the csv file? Aside from gerber translation for new XY or identifying if Cadcam (or your agilent machine) can change the pin 1 methodology from part origin to pin 1 origin, I am not sure what else you could do... Go back to your customer and tell them to check their output setting and make sure their conventions match your needs.

Let us know how it goes.


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CAD Export issue: S.O.S | 10 June, 2011

So I actually tried that method as well. Took the P&P info that was provided to us in Mils, put together an excel formula sheet which converted all X,Y to mm which the aoi uses. Then came to the horrible conclusion that there was something in the cad way off to the bottom left of the job which was throwing off any chance of getting a solid 0,0 at the corner of the board.Checked the methodology of the machine as well, everything was as it should be.

I really lucked out however. I put a service request in to Mentor Graphics to see if there was any way to change insert coords on a mass basis instead of single part one-by-one. If anyone needs to know the answer is no, it is not possible to do this in camcad professional. You would literally need to step through every placement and change the origin to center and snap to it, then save it all...etc,etc.

However, the service engineer did ask what I needed this for and after advicing him of my issue gave me the answer I had been looking for. There's an output file that has the option to change aoi export creation from part origin data, to part centroid data. All I had to do was locate the file comment out the origin data option and bring in the centroid option.

So happy the service engineer asked that extra question. Saved me a ton of hassle, and made for some very pleased customers.

If you use camcad professional the file is called "Agilent_AOI.OUT" Here's a cut out from the response I received, hope this can help others as well

;*/-------------------------------------------------/* ; Source of positions ; Select whether the XY position of the part is ; based on the centroid location or the CAD data ; Default is CENTROID .COMP_POSITION ORIGIN ;.COMP_POSITION CENTROID ;*/-------------------------------------------------/*

Change the lines so that the CENTROID line begins with a "." and the ORIGIN line begins with a ";" ("." Is active command line and ";" is comment line)

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