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UV Tracer in Parylene

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UV Tracer in Parylene | 16 June, 2011

Has anyone done any testing with UV tracer in Parylene processing? Does it cause adhesion problems? Does anyone have any data they can share on this.

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UV Tracer in Parylene | 6 July, 2011

We do parylene coating and really frown upon using a UV additive. Technically, it's a contaminant to the parylene.

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UV Tracer in Parylene | 7 July, 2011

I had read somewhere that parylene absorbs UV radiation, and therefore offers very low UV protection. So, yeah probably not a good idea. Plus since it's vapor deposited, unless there is no access to a surface, all surfaces are covered.

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UV Tracer in Parylene | 11 July, 2011

Lou, Oh really? Why's that?

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