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Stenciless Solder Print

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Stenciless Solder Print | 6 July, 2011


Can someone recommend a cost effective solder printer that does not require stencils. We are currently using a Speed Print 200 machine but this requires us to spend a lot of money on stencils and wait long lead times for these to be manufactured due to our high mix low volume demand. Can someone please offer a cost effective solution? Thanks.

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Stenciless Solder Print | 6 July, 2011

The only thing I have ever heard of that prints solder paste (accurately) without a stencil is a Mydata MY500. You can buy thousands of stencils for what this machine cost.

You should not have long lead times on stencils. We get ours next day for no extra charge.

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Stenciless Solder Print | 7 July, 2011

I don't understand the long lead times comment. You should be able to get stencils next day.

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Stenciless Solder Print | 8 July, 2011

Maybe they are buying them from a guy who cuts them with a dull chisel and a rock. Cuz that could take a while depending on aperture count. (I'mjustsayin)

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Stenciless Solder Print | 11 July, 2011

Long lead times was a slight exaggeration we wait approx 3 days for a stencil, although we can purchase them next day at a much higher cost. But when you are working to tight prdcution schedules this can prove costly.

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Stenciless Solder Print | 11 July, 2011

You need to check some other stencil places all the ones I deal with, Turn them around same day if I get the files early enough. Also i have a California stencil house which gives me 3 extra hours (east coast guy)I only pay extra for the shipping. Thats part of the cost of doing business. We wrap the cost up in our tooling charge if they need boards that quick.

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Stenciless Solder Print | 26 July, 2011

FYI. USA STENCILS INC will turn around your stencil next day at low cost. ( same price ) contact name Steve Yen 714-636-6211

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