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Solder problem (bubbles?)

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Solder problem (bubbles?) | 8 July, 2011

I hope to get some feedback here. I have a SMD connector that reflow-solders quite poorly (I guess solder paste or profile issue).

On the X-ray I see strange bubbles, does it mean there are voids under pin?

Generally I am not satisfied with the solder quality and look for ways to improve it.

Please have a look at the attached images (note: they are from 2 different boards).


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Solder problem (bubbles?) | 8 July, 2011

Your images are depicting signs of voiding. Some voiding is common. In an assembly like this, I would concentrate on minimizing the voiding as much as possible, and then using that as your baseline. I'd then treat the voiding as a process indicator. (Monitoring it and taking action only if you see it increase). Do yourself a favor and track down the Part Data Sheet of the connector. Research what you're trying to solder and then verify your solder profile falls within acceptable guidelines before continuing.

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Solder problem (bubbles?) | 11 July, 2011

I see bare copper on top of some of the leads. Maybe that's normal and acceptable, but I would look at the underside (solderable surface) of the leads on some bare parts to make sure they're properly plated. Poor solderability can be one cause of voids.

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