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ANN: PCBSynergy new formats

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ANN: PCBSynergy new formats | 10 July, 2011

I have finally updated my shareware SMT Machine program It reads Protel ( from Autotrax to Altium Designer) and spits out Yamaha/Philips UFOS, VIOS , Mydata, Fuji MCS2 CP642 CP732, Gencad 1.3, Philips, FCM, ACM, FTIP, Essemtec, Panasonic BM221 CM88, Samsung SSA, Sanyo POS TCM3500Z, Siemens, Juki 2000 series, Mirae PRG, Access ADO_SQL other formats are in development. It also has a naturally sorted Bill of Materials, and costing functions It can be downloaded from:


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ANN: PCBSynergy new formats | 20 February, 2012

The link no longer works

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ANN: PCBSynergy new formats | 22 February, 2012

I am currently working on the new version with a bunch of extra features and bug fixes. But it is still Beta (at least to my mind). I have severed my relationship with TPG but a new website will be running shortly!

regards Andrew

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