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vitronic model m4021

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vitronic model m4021 | 14 July, 2011

Hi we had just purchase a used vitronic reflow oven, can anyone know to assist us on the user ID (system) for default password. also we need to have the manual and both electrical and operation thank you in advance vincent low

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vitronic model m4021 | 15 July, 2011

Try the letter s as the password.

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vitronic model m4021 | 17 July, 2011

hi chris, thank you for your assistance ,yes i managed to go into the system best regards

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vitronic model m4021 | 19 July, 2011

Vincent, sorry I don't have the manual, we have XPM2 ovens, I got lucky on the password, Vitronics default.

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