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profiler for vapor phase

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profiler for vapor phase | 15 July, 2011

Have somebody experience with profiling vapor phase? I must buy a profiler and is very hard for me to decide what to buy. Please help me with a advice. Thanks you.

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profiler for vapor phase | 18 July, 2011

We use the same profiler for convection and VP. For VP you just have to be very careful as the thermocouple wires must travel through the machine so cannot get "snagged" on anything as they go in or come out.

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Pete B


profiler for vapor phase | 20 July, 2011

We do the same as LarryD.

All the profilers I have seen that have thermal jackets deemed capable of going through and helping the logger survive the VP process have a lot of mass. This mass will affect the profile considerably.

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