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Ekra X3 printer

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Ekra X3 printer | 9 August, 2011

Anyone knows Ekra X3 printer? I am looking for an Auto printer added to my line with MG5 placer and BTU100A oven. I was suggested to get a Ekra X3. Any input will be appreciated.

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Ekra X3 printer | 9 August, 2011

friendly software, easy calibration and easy to work with. CONS: spareparts in germany

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Ekra X3 printer | 11 August, 2011

Hello 1036 we have a Ekra X5 machine the parts might be in Germany but the tech support is some of the best i have delt with we have been using it 2 shifts 5 days a week for 6 years now we have had a few issues but nothing that I would'nt expect good luck

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Ekra X3 printer | 16 August, 2011

I had a look at the Ekra printer at a local industry show last year. It seems to be a solid machine. Their current customers that I visited were extremely satisfied w/ the machine and with Ekra's technical support (Location = In the USA).

The pcb support (i.e. magnetic pins or Red-E-Set) were not the best solutions in my opinion. On our non-Ekra printers, we've used GridLok and QuikTool and I would recommend either to be used on the Ekra machine.

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Ekra X3 printer | 18 August, 2011

All our EKRAs are fitted with gridlok, works great.

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