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SpeedPrint reviews

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SpeedPrint reviews | 25 August, 2011

Looking for a new printer and wondered what you all thought about SpeedPrint. They have a nice looking printer at a very reasonable price. We went and looked at a SP700avi in action today and it was a very simple design. Anybody have experience with there equipment?

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SpeedPrint reviews | 29 August, 2011

My first printer was a Speed Print machine back in 2001. We still have it as a backup. I needed a printer quickly so I bought an EKRA from a show. We were very disappointed with that machine. The service was terrible. Parts were impossible to get. I replaced it with a Speed Print machine SP210. We were elated at how much better the speed print machine was. We have had no service problems at all, none. The company is very fast to respond if anything comes up. When we put in our second line we again went to Speed Print. I purchased the SP700 this time with the wider screen capability. The Ekra we had was the wider style and we had made some boards that used the wider screen. I can't say enough about the quality, and most of all the service level of Speed Print, they are second to none.

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SpeedPrint reviews | 30 August, 2011

Hello Bill

A colleague here at ACW just told me about your question and as we have a few of these machines I feel that I'm in a position to answer you.

Prior to 2007 we only used DEK265 (GS & GSX) machines and these we getting a bit old and passed it so we started to look around at what else was available. Initially we were mainly concidering staying with DEK and possibly looking at MPM but we decided to put 1 other supplier in the mix and we added Speedprint.

I am VERY glad that we did. As you have noticed, they are reasonably priced and not overly complicated. The machines are very easy to set up and operate.

When we looked at the performance of the Speedprint machines there was no difference in print quality or speed between them or DEK/MPM and the simplified design suggested to us that there was going to be less to go wrong.

All of the above has proved to be true and we now have 4 machines installed in the UK, 3 machines in China (Zhuhai) and 1 machine in the USA (Durham, NC).

I (we) are extremely happy with the machines and the support that we get from Speedprint. They are part of the Europlacer group and have the back up of their service and installation engineers so we never have a problem with servicing/support etc.

One further point. The machines can be fitted with a laser guided support pin set up. This is an extremely good and simple system that ensures repeatability between machine set-ups and its an option that I can truly recommend. (Much better than the various tooling pin options that DEK have come up with over the last 20 years.)

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.

Mark Austin

Process Engineer ACW Technology Ltd Southampton UK

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