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Flux suppliers

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Flux suppliers | 31 August, 2011

Can anyone recommend other liquid flux supplier besides Kester. Seems that Kester does not have any support for process issues anymore. I can remember back in the 80s if we had a problem the Kester guy would be at the factory working with us to resolve the issues. Now you get a one liner email if your lucky and you are on your own.

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Flux suppliers | 31 August, 2011

Alpha has always been good for me.


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Flux suppliers | 3 September, 2011

I have sold them all and you are correct. Over the last five to eight years there has been a down turn in customer support from the big two. I would suggest Aim solder out of Rhode Island. Their service is excellent, they do provide on site assistance and as far as being one of their distributors (yes I'm biased). The disty service is excellent as well. Give them a try.

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Flux suppliers | 6 September, 2011

I have had great success with Indium.

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Flux suppliers | 7 September, 2011

Shenmao also offers liquid fluxes that are "Made in the USA", formulated and shipped from their factory in San Jose, CA. Shenmao's engineers do travel to support process, and, we (as their distributors) work hard to support users too.

This link takes you directly to the liquid flux site (WS, NC, HF):

Shean FHP Reps

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