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GSM camera calibration.

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GSM camera calibration. | 8 September, 2011

We had a camera die on one of our GSMs. I got a new camera, and it is working, but I need to either find a cal kit to rent for a day, or else if someone knows a reasonably accurate procedure to calibrate the new camera using the other upward looking camera on the machine, that would be even better.

The front camera is 2.6 mil, and the rear camera being replaced is 1 mil. The smallest things we place are 0402s and .5mm pitch ICs.

Push comes to shove, we could have Universal send someone out to do it, but I really hate to spend that much money on something so simple.

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GSM camera calibration. | 13 September, 2011

I have all the kits & jigs to service GSM I'm doing it for 20 years at much better price then Universal

Contact me if interrested

Marcel Duclos

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GSM camera calibration. | 21 September, 2011

Where are you located?

Along the same lines, I have a trick I used a couple times when replacing a camera. It is often not the image sensor that goes bad, but the camera electronics behind the sensor. I have had luck taking the camera apart but leave the sensor attached to the GSM, and just swap the electronic guts to the camera. The sensor does not move and you may not need to calibrate (or at least can get running within a reasonable accuracy).

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