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Die Crack Monitoring (DCM)

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Die Crack Monitoring (DCM) | 19 September, 2011

I would like to ask a few things about die crack.

1. I would like to know what could possibly be the root cause of die crack in die preparation? (Saw machine? Pick and Place machine?)

2. May I know how could I solve the problem?

Thank you very much.

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Die Crack Monitoring (DCM) | 19 September, 2011

There are a few questions I have before we can answer this:

1. How are the die presented to the pick and place machine? (Tape, waffle Pak, tray)

2. What are the dimensions of the die (LxWxH)?

3. Are they bumped die?

4. What is the material of the PCB they are being placed on?

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Die Crack Monitoring (DCM) | 19 September, 2011

Thanks for taking ur time to answer this. =)

The pick and place machine is just pick from wafer(on tape) and place into waffle pack. I read from some of the sources saying that the ejecting needle and the vacuum pick up bits could cause the die to crack, but I wonder how it affects? and what should I be careful on?

Yes, they are all bumped die. The problem happened before the die being place onto the PCB package. It happens between the process of preparing die from wafer mounted on tape, then wafer being sawed by sawing machine, UV cure for the tape, then finally pick and place from the tape and placed into waffle pack. So what could probably goes wrong? Thanks

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Die Crack Monitoring (DCM) | 24 September, 2011

Okay so you are picking from a Wafer Frame and it is a UV cured tape. Who's die sorting machine are you using? You mention the ejector needles, but have you checked them? What size are the die and how thick are they? Have you checked the UV cure, is it long enough to remove the tackiness? It could be that you are not stretching the film enough when you clamp the wafer frame. If you tell me the machine you are using I may be able to provide more information on what to look for.

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