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UIC vs Fuji

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UIC vs Fuji | 6 October, 2011

Thoughts, discussions? Go...

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UIC vs Fuji | 7 October, 2011

what do we compare? Any particular models or in general? I personally like the new Fuji NXT II. Having this small modules you can basically generate machine for your production. It is very flexible. I see now other companies trying to do the same thing.

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UIC vs Fuji | 7 October, 2011

Hello all I would'nt trade my universal machine smt or thur hole for any other brands if for no other reason just the support is second to none just my two cents

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UIC vs Fuji | 20 October, 2011

When you get in to a 30 spindle lightning head or the dual and single beam 7 spindle flexjets from UIC, there generally really solid machines. The only flakeyness we have is with a GC120 (4 beams in 1 box). and of that most of the issues are purely because theres 2 separate dual beam machines in that box, so whenever 1 goes down for a issue its compounded by the adjacent module also stopping.

UIC tech support is 2nd to none, I only wish our oven and AOI had that level of support.

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