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Need help for contact 3AVX

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Need help for contact 3AVX | 31 October, 2011

Dear All, I bought a used Contact 3AVX some months before. The machine run seem be good until last week I meet a problem as follows: - Head one(Left side) does not pick up components (0805 only) any more after pick good about 10 components. Spindles of head one go to right pick position but does not down to pick components, then the head go to index cam to check side of components then appear message " vision error...". During occur error in head one, head two work fine to the end of its task. - I had try to resume some times but result still same as above. If I wait for about 5 minute then run resume again then the head one work fine again to the end of program. - After assembly about 2 or 3 boards, I see problem again. I try to restart the machine but there is no effective. Anyone know about this problem please help me solve it.

Thank you in advance.

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Need help for contact 3AVX | 1 November, 2011

THe question is - does that happen on all of your programs or just in one program? If it is just this particular board, it might be some softwaRE limit issue. If it happens on more programs it is a hardware issue and it could be one of the following: 1. Z motor oveerheat or overcurrent and is switched off by the driver(controller board). Later when the condition is off you get it working aagain. 2. Z movement - check everything on Z axis - there might be shafts, belts and pullies. Make sure all the set screws are tighten. Sometimes the motor will move but the actual nozzle holder won't if there is something that is not tighten properly. 3. Could be some problem with the card controlling the left head Z movement

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Need help for contact 3AVX | 1 November, 2011

What may be happening is an early trigger of your vacuum sensors during production due to a clogged tip or vacuum line in the head. What happens during production is that the Y axis gets into position, and then the vacuum sensor input is monitored on each spindle. The spindle will go down until the vacuum transition is seen. If you have a marginally clogged line, it is possible that the vacuum reading fluctuates just enough to meet the transitional requirement. In this condition, the vacuum condition is met immediately and the machine moves the Y axis along to the vision station and "thinks" it has a part. The spindle may just jitter or not move down at all. Your AVX most likely has the ANALOG vacuum sensors; they will be on the head and blue in color. With a clogged line, your static readings will be high and probably rather close to your vacuum transition for your part type/part number. Your static vacuum readings on each spindle with NO tool tip should be up over 3500; anything lower will be suspect. In addition, check your tool tip to make sure that it is not clogged. If I recall, there is also a threshhold setting for each tooltip. Since your problem is always with one component, it could be as simple as a vacuum setting or simply luck of the draw that every other part is alright.

Move the part to the other side and re-optimize and see if the problem follows the part or the head. If the problem folows the part, I would definitely suspect a tool vacuum or part vacuum setting, more likely the part type.

It's been a while, but I have seen this condition before and while I forget the exact names of the parameters, you should be able to find them fine.

Your Contact 3AVX does NOT have Z motors (the Z axis are pneumatically driven). The CS3Z had Z motors.

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Need help for contact 3AVX | 2 November, 2011

Thank you Mike! I'll try follows your suggestions

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Need help for contact 3AVX | 3 November, 2011

I try to re-adjust some parameter follows your suggestion, but there is no effective result. I just find a key of problem, that is pick speed for components 0805. I just change pick speed from 3 to 4 in last week. After that the machine run well until Monday of this week I meet problem as told you so. Now the machine is running well again after I change pick speed for 0805 part from 4 to 3. That is may be my experience of contact 3AVX. Thank you all for your help!.

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Need help for contact 3AVX | 12 November, 2011

Hi Mike, I get the trouble again with head one. I realy can not understand why is that. It does not pick component again during I set pick level 3,2 or 1. Have you got any other way to solve it?


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