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Quad IVc Z-axis Error

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Quad IVc Z-axis Error | 4 December, 2011

I just got my hands on a Quad IVc, and am trying to find information on a Z-axis Error # 5 @ startup. I haven't really done anything since recieving the machine, I powered on, the Transport moves back and forth, the pc boots and I press enter to log onto the Central Controller. The Hand control starts beeping and reads that I have a Z-Axis Error #5. I manually turned the z-axis motor / belt / screw assembly, and it seems to move as expected, wiggled the connector from the motor to the pcb on the head, checked the front db9 connector on the driver board labeled z-axis. I did notice that the cable (db9) going to the driver labeled z has a piece of tape on it that says "T", and the cable going to the theta labeled board says "Z". I could swap the cables, but I'm going to try to track down where they go first, and look for some information on the DIP switches on the front of the driver boards. I didn't get an electrical schematic, or any software with the machine, only the machine, a bunch of manuals and a small toolkit. It seems that I may need a schematic, if anyone has one and could e-mail it to me that would be fantastic.

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Quad IVc Z-axis Error | 4 December, 2011

Do you have the motor power turned on? It is next to the main power breaker (front panel of machine). Are all the covers down? Are the side covers pushed all the way in? What is the led status of your driver cards? They should be all green with no red leds lit.

Good Luck

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Quad IVc Z-axis Error | 4 December, 2011

Thanks for the reply bobpan. I had the motor power on. I did have a side panel that was not shut all the way. Once I shut that, the error went away and it made it through its startup sequence. No errors. Thanks for the help.

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