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Need help for contact 3AV (2001 YOM )

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Need help for contact 3AV (2001 YOM ) | 5 December, 2011

I just buy a used Contact 3AV machine. Afer fixed some things I think the machine can be ready to run and in fact for first time the machine power up, pass all self testing, homing is done, moving of table, heads, actuator is good, pneumatic function of all spindles, actuators is good too. I think the machine is ready to run, but when pick up component to test vision function I found a problem with index cameras. There is nothing on the monitor during head moving to right position to capture visual of component by index camera. I see black screen on monitor only, so the machine show error message did not find the reference mark. I had try to test for both of heads but results is the same. I checked two index cameras with external video monitor and all of them are good. I think may be Vision board is defected (my vision board is Scopion 7.0.0 ISA). I know that the machine has 3 cameras, two index cameras and one head camera. I think all signal of these cameras come to vision board to convert to digital signals for processing. Two signals of index camers can not displayed on the monitor but signal of head camera can show good on the monitor. I can check all fiducal with head camera. That is really problem with me, I can not understand why that is. Who know about this problem please kindly help me to solve it.

Thanks in advanced!

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Need help for contact 3AV (2001 YOM ) | 5 December, 2011

First I would try to reload the machine software, sometimes on those, the software has a bug in it from the oem to force you to upgrade. If this does not work, vision card is flakey. only once did I find this to be a hard drive problem. I hope this helps.

Tom Andersen 612-423-1504

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Need help for contact 3AV (2001 YOM ) | 7 December, 2011

Thank you for your opinion. After did some works I knew the reason and solved it. If any one who may be get similar trouble please contact me, I'll show you how to do. Hard work today for better tomorrow is my trend.

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