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J-STD-001E Section 4.3 Solderability

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J-STD-001E Section 4.3 Solderability | 14 December, 2011

Been awhile....

We are in the process of determining where are gaps are for compliance to J-STD-001E and I have a question for those in the know. This section of the standard says the following: ----------- Electronic/mechanical components (including PCBs) and wires to be soldered shall meet the solderability requirements of J-STD-002 or equivalent and printed board shall meet the requirements of J-STD-002 or equivalent. When a solderability inspection operation or pretinning and inspection operation is performed as part of the documented assembly process, that operation may be used in lieu of solderability testing. ------------

My question is related to the last sentence - If we have a 1st article process in place that includes inspection for all solder conditions for each soldering process, is the requirement covered?

Thanks in advance.

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J-STD-001E Section 4.3 Solderability | 15 December, 2011

Hi Joe

This last sentence was not included in previous versions of J-STD-001. So, the first sentence required that all components, wires and boards had to be tested for solderability prior to use. We're talking 100% testing and inspection. That's burdensome. So, lot of companies opted out of J-STD-001D Solderability and wrote their own version. So in J-STD-001E, the committee added the wording that we see here.

But, what does the last sentence mean? It means that in lieu of testing everything prior to use, you need to follow a documented process that includes a section on inspection for proper solderability.

It's not clear to us that first piece inspections meet the intent of the J-STD-001E Section 4.3 Solderability requirements, but if you have a justification that that level of sampling works that should be sufficient.

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