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reflow calibration with thermocouples?

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reflow calibration with thermocouples? | 26 January, 2012

We have a thermocouple that is basically some tc wire plugged into our reflow oven.

The oven converts these voltages into the readings, but are all K type thermocouple wire the same, so would have the same exact same values sent to the ovens cpu?

In other words, is this basic homemade thermocouple going to be accurate enough to be at all useful?

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reflow calibration with thermocouples? | 27 January, 2012

A thermocouple is a set of two wires welded together at one end, where a junction is formed between the two wires. Because each wire is composed of a different type of metal, each wire reacts differently to the temperature of the junction. Because of this difference, a voltage is generated. The voltage varies consistently with changes in temperature, and so there are devices, such as digital thermometers, that measure the voltage and convert it to a temperature reading. [Doug Hewitt, eHow Contributor]

There's lots of calibration procedures on the web. Here's one

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