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Fuji Cp 643 st19

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Fuji Cp 643 st19 | 21 February, 2012

Hello estimated Someone can help me with a problem that I have in one cp643 which marks the stations 17 and 19 of almost all the holders, already there changed the amplifiers of both stations and were calibrated but it follows the problem.


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Fuji Cp 643 st19 | 27 February, 2012

The clutches are dirty and slipping.

Sincerely, Estimated

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Fuji Cp 643 st19 | 28 February, 2012

Hello friend, also cleans the clutches, several times but he continues presenting the same problem. I suspect in a few holders that we buy, for that from that they established themselves I present this fault

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Fuji Cp 643 st19 | 29 February, 2012

In order to clean the clutches properly, you must disassemble them. Did you do that ?

The nozzle holder sensor dogs must be clean and scratch free.

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