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Kirsten jet wave

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Kirsten jet wave | 27 February, 2012


does anybody use a Kirsten jet wave soldering system?

we think of implementation of wave soldering process at our facility and Kirsten jet wave systems with protecting liquid looks pretty attractive to us (N2 is no needed).

Can anybody, who has experience with Kirsten systems, tell about its strong and weak points? Thank you!

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Kirsten jet wave | 21 March, 2012

Hello Sergey, I have used Kirsten Modula Wave with ADL (anti dross liquid) option. We have had the same expectation like you: less dross and lower operation cost due to no inert gas is required. That is achieved, the dross generation was modest and the joints are nice, well wetted. The costs will depends on the volume are produced. The ADL supplier propose to replace the fluid after every 1000 operation hours. We run it more close to 3000 hours and replaced after. If you have a reliable maintenence team then the ADL option can work. It really reqires proper maintenance! Else you may expect undesired performance: cloged wave flute, jammed filter, contaminated pot level sensor. The level sensors are very important in case of using ADL. The liquid covers all the tin surface and you do not have a chance to check the tin level in the pot. When the pot is overloaded then the liquid tin can jam the oil filter and ADL floud the machine... ugly thing! Better to prevent. And Maintenence again: the solution requires additional piping, heaters, reservior, filters can be damaged or leaking. Requires proper setting, not just turn it on and let's run. The last think that I would mention on the negative side is the smell. The hot ADL has a smell that is very unusual in electornic industry :-). Will take a few days to get familiar with it I guess. But the machine is great eather with or without ADL. Good Luck!

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Kirsten jet wave | 21 March, 2012

Hello Hunzo, many thanks for your detailed reply! By the way, I am well familiar with the smell of Galden liquid that is used in vapour phase soldering ovens. Does ADL have the similar smell?

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