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Dust on PCB

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Dust on PCB | 29 February, 2012

Hello guys, I have an issue and I hope you can share some comments; I'm in a High mix low volume enviroment, as result I have several PCBs "stored" in carts, what is the best method to clean it? they have a lot of dust, I think ionized air gun will work, what do you think? Is there a way to cover those carts? what recommendations can you share (ESD safe, plastic, other material)?

PS.- I know the root cause is that we built many boards that are not used inmediatelly and I'm working on that side already.

Thanks for your time!

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Dust on PCB | 5 March, 2012

As long as you're convinced that your ionized air gun is not a static generator, it should work fine in dedusting your boards.

As you say, covering your board racks while the boards are being stored is probably a better solution. If you google 'esd cart cover' you find some contacts for cart covers.

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Dust on PCB | 7 March, 2012

thanks Dave

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