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Phillips/Assembleon Eclipse 1

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Phillips/Assembleon Eclipse 1 | 26 March, 2012

I have an Eclipse 1, that is no longer in production use for pick and place, but I would like to use the the gantry system and install a custom head to perform other tasks.

I am looking for some guidance or information on how the existing servo controller and motion system could be used without the VIOS software.

What type of signal is used to control the motors?(pulse, analog, GA1060 serial 10Mbit/s, CANopen, etc) Would a software package like EMC2 ( be usable?

Also, has anyone ever heard of the CHOBOT commands, the manual mentions them being available by request.

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Phillips/Assembleon Eclipse 1 | 27 March, 2012

I mean this nicely. If you have to ask you probably should not even try to consider doing something like that.

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Phillips/Assembleon Eclipse 1 | 27 March, 2012

I know it's a little bit crazy, but worst case scenario is I buy a new controller, amps, software, and grudgingly maybe even servo motors.

Given the cost of buying an equivalent gantry system new, this certainly is a project worth considering, even if in the end I have to pay for new electronics and a little outside help.

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