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Machine AOI

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Machine AOI | 3 May, 2012


We're looking for a AOI machine, especially for pre reflow inspection but which is also usable for post reflow. Our priority is image quality inspection and not the rate of inspection.

What is your feeling/advise about MIRTEC, OMRON, VI technology, GOEPEL and VISCOM ?

Thank in advance,


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Machine AOI | 3 May, 2012


We got a used Mirtec MV-2HTL. I was able to sort of get it to work without any training. Their software seem well design and it did find the same errors the human inspectors were finding. But be aware that you have to register with Mirtec if you buy the machine used and that costs a pretty penny. We haven't registered so the machine is hardly used, because the software is old and it needs to be ugraded.

We tried a Yestch. I can't recall the model but it was a generation older than the Mirtec. It did not go well. The software was not as easy to learn as the Mirtec and we had a guy here teaching us.

I would go with a Mirtec just because I liked their software in the machine I have seen.

I do not know anything about their (Mirtech or Yestech) new product. I think the Yestech is cheaper and local to us.

We also have a couple of old MVP. They use Linux OS and I don't know anything about that OS so I hate them. Make sure you get the OS that you're familiar with.

I hope that helps.

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Machine AOI | 4 May, 2012

From my past experience, of those 5 I would go with Mirtec.

Easy programming, and great support. A pretty well thought out package for the $$

I have no affiliation with, nor receive any benefit from any company mentioned above.


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Machine AOI | 7 May, 2012

Go with YesTech. They are tried and true. I have been using them for years. Top notch company all around.

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Machine AOI | 8 May, 2012


We have been using Vi Technology 3k3 and 5k machines for about 5 years and have been very happy with them. They are easy to program, mechanically robust and have good support if you need it. If possible, you should narrow it down to about 3 companies and try to set up a demo with each them using your own product. All of the suppliers listed have decent reputations, but a hands-on demonstration is the best way to determine which is right for your application.

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Machine AOI | 9 May, 2012

Hello thomas31,

When we did our equipment evaluation, we looked at all of these systems with the exception of Goepel. My team and I thought that the image quality of the Mirtec machine was by far the best of any of the other vendors. We also found that the machine was simple to program and operate especially during debug. Even more importantly, MIRTEC caught every one of our defects on the first pass, as well as a cracked component which my team was not aware of.

We now have six machines and our production quality has improved dramatically. We mainly use our machines for post-reflow inspection, but we routinely use the machines to verify setup of the line pre-reflow.

Mirtec is more expensive, but well worth the money based on the performance of the equipment.

Best of luck,


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Machine AOI | 22 May, 2012

Although not listed in your post, I recommend YesTech. I have been using them since 2007. We have two M1 systems, and they have been good machines. We evaluated three: YesTech, Mirtec, and Christopher. Of the three, the YesTech system caught more defects (compared against the same defective board), than the other two. Plus it's lighting was superior than that of the Mirtec. The inspection algorithms are very versatile (like the Mirtec), but I felt the programming was easier and the escape rate less than the Mirtec. A word of advice: Which ever system you purchase, consider one with side-angle cameras, or at least upgradeable to side-angle cameras. This will increase your inspection coverage. You will find that YesTech's support is very good. They have been very helpful to me in the past. I don't know about Mirtec, but YesTech's software is upgradeable for as long as you own it, at no additional cost. This gives you the added benefit of acquiring new features and bug fixes with no fee. Another great benefit to this company is they take and implement suggestions from their customers regarding new features in the software. You want a new feature? Suggest it and they will try to implement it in a future release, if feasible.

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Machine AOI | 23 May, 2012


We evaluated several AOI machines and narrowed the field to two, YESTech and MIRTEC. We had an opportunity to work with both of these machines on our production floor. In our experience, the MIRTEC machine simply outperformed the competitive system, especially with regard to solder joint inspection. We also performed a simple Gage R&R test on the two machines in which we ran our test boards multiple times on each machine and recorded the defects after each pass. Again, MIRTEC gave us the most consistent and repeatable results.

On a side note, the MIRTEC machine was about 2.5 times faster with 20% less false calls. Although this helped with my ROI, performance was the main concern. We cannot afford escapes... PERIOD! If you are looking for a solid AOI machine that is simple to program and extremely accurate my recommendation is MIRTEC. We have five machines including an MV-7xi configured with five, 5meg cameras, and a 3D laser system. Company support has been great.

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Machine AOI | 29 May, 2012

Hi Thomas, AOI Systems provides very affordable bench top and inline AOI systems for both pre and post reflow. Many customers are purchasing these units for pre-reflow inspection due to the ease of programming and access for pre-reflow adjustments. Additionally, the BOM import feature alone makes first article inspection more efficient than any other AOI system on the market.

Please have a look at our site, and let us know if you would like to have a discussion on your project.

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