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Omega SMD 600

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Omega SMD 600 | 21 May, 2012

Question, I'm new to this equipment, and have been asked a Question that has me stumped.

When calculating the square area for a CCA to determine the volume. What do you do if it does not cover the CCA? I have read the manual and it state that the volume is critical to testing. This would be for a odd shape CCA, granted I have not see this occur but have been told it has happen. Any help will be appreciated. Also should the liquid be heated to 110 -120 F as stated in the manual?

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Omega SMD 600 | 23 May, 2012

If you don't submerge the board, how do measure the level of contaminants on that portion of the board that is not submerged?

I suppose that you could only submerge a portion of the board and guess that portion represents the whole board. Of course, your area measurement would be only the area of that portion of the board that was submerged. Right? But then in order to maintain any meaningful process control, you'd need to control the volume of the liquid and the portion of the board that was submerged from lot-to-lot.

Yes, the liquid should be heated to 110 -120*F, as stated in the manual. Why, what's your thinking of this question? What are you trying to get at by asking it?

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