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Yestech, YesTek, ScanSpection?

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Yestech, YesTek, ScanSpection? | 4 June, 2012

I have a sales guy coming out to demo a ScanSpection (AOI Systems?) machine. From a little searching these seem to either change names in different territories or pass through different owners. I gather this isn't the "real" YesTech. Price is right, but the price is pretty irrelevent if the machine isn't any good. Anybody have experience with this machine?

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Yestech, YesTek, ScanSpection? | 4 June, 2012

What's the model number of the machine? See if you can get a serial number, then call YesTech and ask them.

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Yestech, YesTek, ScanSpection? | 5 June, 2012

Yes, I have experience with table model of ScanSpection. Machine work fast, but process of job program making is very slowly. If you each time have elements from one supplier - this machine for you. But if you have many suppliers of components - it's very hard to teach machine for alternative.

This AOI - it's a good choice for manufacturer, who want to try "what is it AOI" for understanding what you want from AOI. Now I want to sell my machine and buy something like Omron ))

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Yestech, YesTek, ScanSpection? | 5 June, 2012

Well their demo was interesting. We're an OEM with our own product line, so the part numbers don't change much and we don't cross things often. It seems like it might do what I need for the next few years. If you're selling to upgrade, out of curiosity, how much would you want for yours, and where is it?

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Yestech, YesTek, ScanSpection? | 6 June, 2012

Yes, we sell this AOI, but we are in Ukraine. You are still interests?

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Yestech, YesTek, ScanSpection? | 22 June, 2012

We have one of these systems not being used, if your interested in purchasing it directly from us then please email me. We are in London UK.

Regards, Simon


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