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Mydata MY15 Y-Wagon

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Mydata MY15 Y-Wagon | 11 June, 2012

We are going to be moving some equipment around and our MY15 and TP11 will not fit through the door unless we take of the Y wagon. Does anyone know how to do this? If so could you please share with me.

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Mydata MY15 Y-Wagon | 12 June, 2012

It should be pretty straight forward while taking it apart, just make sure you label things, and be ready to run through every one of the calibrations after it's put back together.

Oh, and have fun Bill!

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Mydata MY15 Y-Wagon | 14 June, 2012

Most of it depends upon the type of Y wagon you have. if they are internal conveyors you need to remove the covers from the operator side. There are 3 screws holding the Y wagon down, 2 of them are hex screws and the one in front is an allen head. When removing them make sure you have someone in the back o the machine holding the Y wagon so it does not fall. After removal of the screws and before moving the Y wagon there are 2 ribbon cables that you need to be aware of and unplug. Once you do that you can slide the wagon out and all is complete. Just a quick question: on the MY15 is it a linear Y wagon? let me know how you make out it is pretty simple and as the other guy said you will need to re-cal the machines (at least the place area and re-install all your tools)

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