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General ROI (Return on Investment)

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General ROI (Return on Investment) | 11 June, 2012

1st Question I am working on ROI for a bare board destacker and wondering if anyone has a general guideline to follow. Example of ROI for bare board destacker I have now as follows:

$7500 for destacker, Avg panel input 3365, Time to load in panel 7 seconds, Operator hourly rate of $12 ($0.003 a sec), Monthly cost for operator to load panel $77.73 (3365*7*.003). ROI would be 96 months and there is no way in hell to justify that. Any input would be great.

2nd Question: I am looking for a couple different inputs or peoples templates so I can get a standard setting going for return on investment for any type piece of equipment.

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General ROI (Return on Investment) | 12 June, 2012

One bit of advise is that when looking at the person to unload the boards at $12hr. That person is usually twice that in real cost to the company adding in insurance, comp, and all that goes with it.

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General ROI (Return on Investment) | 12 June, 2012

It's unrealistic to have an operator available for '0.003 sec.' Consider the total time it takes an operator to load a board. * Stop doing whatever he/she was doing prior to the call 'load board' * Secure tools or other gear * Move to load board location * Unwrap bundle of boards * Place bundle of boards on table * Pickup board to be loaded * Orient board to be loaded properly * etc, etc

NOTE: I've found that the 'actual time' is about 2X the time I estimate by the above breakdown method.

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General ROI (Return on Investment) | 13 June, 2012


You will have to work out the exact figures yourself but you should be well able to show an increase in output/hr with a loader.

e.g output 60/hr without loader and 65/hr with loader giving you greater efficiency.

You will also save on cost removing a person but as you have seen this will not work on its own...


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General ROI (Return on Investment) | 15 June, 2012

To build on this post, assign a person as just the board loader for a shift and see what the increase in throughput is. Freeing the operator up to deal with line issues, feeder replenishment,...etc has an impact and can be hard to capture and this should give you an idea.

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General ROI (Return on Investment) | 22 June, 2012

Just my two cents, but when we invest in capital equipment, we look for an ROI of 2 years or less. This is our benchmark. One of the posters is correct though about factoring in insurance and other benefits into the hourly wage. We use 1.5 X hourly wage when we do an ROI.

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