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AOI Bench top

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AOI Bench top | 19 June, 2012

Want to buy a benchtop AOI system for my assembly shop. New to this kind equipment. Wondering what brand/Model we should go with. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

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AOI Bench top | 20 June, 2012

you can search for the following AOI that fits for your assembly shops and may depend in what application you are going to use.Ive'd known a few out there in the market naming some: 1.NORDSON Yestech BX AOI its a 5 mega fixel color imaging 2.OMRON VT-RNS II-PTH its go over to 50mm - 650 mm borad size 3.MARANTZ - have a few model out there and try to used this machine before.

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AOI Bench top | 20 June, 2012

Have a look at AOI Systems Scanspection AOI. The desk top unit is very affordable, easy to use, and a very effective tool for new users to AOI.

Visit for more information or send me a PM and I will be happy to talk with you about our capabilities.

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AOI Bench top | 2 July, 2012

I am going through the process of re-evaluating our AOI systems.

Depending on the complexity of your assemblies, I would recommend Mirtec's, and aoi systems as the previous post suggests.

Had a demo from them a month or so ago and for the price they look great, as long as you don't need solder inspection.

Goepel are very good (based in Germany) and are on the expensive side.. worth a look though.


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AOI Bench top | 3 July, 2012


I have 2 Mirtec MV-7 AOI's and we have never had any problems with the inspection on these machines, in the hardware they are tough, one has been running more that 6 years only with the preventive maintenance and some wearable parts.

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AOI Bench top | 4 July, 2012

I would agree with innova's suggestion of Marantz. I've seen 3 different AOI machines implemented into our shop, and you really have to consider the ease of use, and possibility of defects that operators can introduce. AOI's, theoretically, look good on paper. But iv'e had to train and re-train AOI operators because of changes they've made to the parts library which effectively renders and AOI useless. The Marantz machine is easy, it takes very little time to program, and it's very operator friendly.

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AOI Bench top | 4 July, 2012

We are a low to mid range manufacturer as well. I looked at several different vendors incuding; Mirtec, Viscom, Marantz, Omron, VI Tech, Orbotech and Yestech. We selected Mirtec.

As a mid range manufacturer, one of my main concerns was quick and easy programming. But the main reason why I selected Mirtec was the fact that the machine provided excellent defect coverage, especially with regard to solder inspection.

If you don't mind paying a premium. You can't go wrong with Mirtec. In my opinion they have the absolute best desktop AOI system on the market! Here is a link -

Best of luck with your AOI project.


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