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Air Bag / Air Casters

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Air Bag / Air Casters | 21 June, 2012

We are going to be changing the layout of our production area and we wanted to rent or buy some air bags / air casters to help us move some of the equipment around. Does anyone know where we could rent these? Or buy? Also does anyone have any other ideas for moving equipment around i.e. reflow oven, screen printer.

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Air Bag / Air Casters | 21 June, 2012

We use Hilman rollers ( and/or pallet jacks. Printers and smaller P&P machines can be moved with pallet jacks. Large machines such as chipshooters require rollers and man power but you'd be amazed what you can push around on Hilman rollers on a concrete floor if it's smooth. Check your local equip. rental shop for these items if you don't wish to buy.

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Air Bag / Air Casters | 21 June, 2012

We've used pallet jacks, 3" steel pipe in gangs of 10 or so pipes, Airsled [], etc. We've rented Airsleds. Check the web [,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=5f551c48dd37d1b2&biw=1280&bih=601]

Let me add to this by saying, I don't work for the company referenced above, don't own stock in the company referenced above, have never known anyone who works at the company referenced above and whether you buy a product from the company referenced above or not I don't get anything for writing this. I am not "fanboy" of the company referenced above, although I can give credit where credit is due and lately the company referenced above deserves credit for some of their products.

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Air Bag / Air Casters | 22 June, 2012

Hi Bill,

We had a similar situation and I found this company but they are located near Toronto. Hope this helps.

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