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IR Rework Machine

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IR Rework Machine | 28 June, 2012

Would like to ask end users or those with experience using infra red rework equipment (specifically when the top heater is IR) the following:

1. Can you successfully rework Package On Package (PoP) type devices? With heat directed through the package body, I am wondering how connections of bottom package would be reflowed.

2. Are there instances of solder splatter when removing BGA's? When picking up a reflowed component during removal, how do you prevent the weight of a pick up tip not pressing down on a component which can cause solder balls to form outside the package body or have solder flow into vias?

3. Can you rework microBGA or CSP measuring around 1mm x 1mm? Can the sensor / temperature probe that controls the heating process be reduced to a spot size small enough not to exceed the package dimension?


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IR Rework Machine | 6 July, 2012

In relation to question 2 the vacume on them is quite sensitive so as long as you bring it down slowly the component is almost sucked up off the PCB so you don't have to actually press it down on the the component, and i have never experienced any solder splatter, the only thing like that would be if you used water based flux when re-seating components it boils and can make them jump of the pads.

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