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Automatic pin header breaker?

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Automatic pin header breaker? | 4 July, 2012

We use a lot of single row breakaway pin headers. Right now we order then as sticks of 36 and I just have a tech break them into whatever lengths we need (3 pin, 5 pin, 8 pin, whatever.) I'm trying to streamline our auxillary processes. I know you can get these headers as continuous reels of 36000, which leads me to believe somebody makes a machine that you'd program (say I want 2000 pieces of 3 pins each) and it will cut or break them automatically. Does anyone here use such a machine, or at least know who makes one?

Thanks John

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Automatic pin header breaker? | 5 July, 2012

I have never use it, but I know autosplice has machines that can break them automatically, I don know how they work but I know that some people in my area use these machines for the same process as you. Hope it helps.

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