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component stick at cover tape

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component stick at cover tape | 19 July, 2012

We have a material that is been stick at cover tape, only 1 supplier is failing and only embossed tape packing is failing. A dark spots between tape and component are observed, we already bake material to se if is humidity, is not.

We already apply ESD killer and this is not solving the issue.

Already tried fold back feeders but still defect is present

does anyone as and idea hot to contend or solve this issue?

material size: 0.62x0.32 mm packing: embossed tape plastic packing tray

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component stick at cover tape | 30 July, 2012

We're seen components sticking to adhesive that was slobbered on the inside of cover tape.

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component stick at cover tape | 18 August, 2012

We have had this problem in the past, On paper tape resistors(old stock from before i took over and forced rotation on everything) and on embossed (national semi parts, strings of glue pulled back like seat belts across the pocket.)

For the national semi parts i finally grabbed every reel in house, took them to purchasing and to planning. Informed them no more are in stock and that all of them WILL be returned.

The problem was solved shortly after. We kept just enough to run production. We never had any contact with national, I believe our in house ARROW rep handled it all (someone who is truly under payed and sadly not on our payroll).

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