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ZCR/QUAD Reflow oven problem.

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ZCR/QUAD Reflow oven problem. | 8 August, 2012

I am charged with maintaining two ZCR/QUAD reflow ovens and one has a problem I have not come across before.... Upon startup it displays the message "CRITICAL TEMPERATURE" but the eight zones are at ambient, the set temperatures being 315°C to 400°C. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Graeme.

Edit: ZCR modified this reflow to operate up to 420°C.

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ZCR/QUAD Reflow oven problem. | 8 August, 2012

According to Quad data sheet, the max process temp on a ZCR oven is 310C. I am taking a guess that the "Critical Temperature" message may be Quad's way of saying that you have entered to high of a setting. Try bringing the setpoints to something below 300C and see if the error goes away. Again, this is just a guess

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ZCR/QUAD Reflow oven problem. | 13 August, 2012

The problem was that the wiring between the overtemperature capillary thermostats had burnt away. There are eight of these, four on the bottom half and four on the top half of the heat chamber. A rubber blanking grommet covers the adjustment shaft of each thermostat. A rewire of these using ptfe wire resolved the problem. Only another few weeks of having to maintain these now as our new reflows are on order.

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