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AIR TIME | 8 August, 2012

We have an air compressor with in-line dryer for all machines. The only humidity indicators we have are granule cell humidity indicators on the dryer and periodic visual inspection of air bowls on machines. No problems for years. Management is pushing me to find a reliable measurement device and procedure for quantifying moisture in our air lines. I've read up on dew-point measurement and related systems. What is everyone else doing? What gadgets should I be looking at? Is there an ANSI standard we should be referencing?

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AIR TIME | 8 August, 2012


Quick question... What type of equipment are you using? We're having constant issues with our Air System. Dryer has had to be rebuilt two times already this year, two air compressors, and both have needed major repairs this year as well. Thankfully we purchased a service contract that has more than paid for itself, but we've passed a lot of water into our airlines and I'm sure we'll have issues with our equipment that have not yet surfaced. :-/

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AIR TIME | 8 August, 2012

We have a Kaeser AS-25 screw compressor with Kaiser air dryer + cylinders. The system has a water catch prior to delivering air to the dryer that automatically "spits" to a drain. It's not fool proof - if the water collector gets overfull, it will continue into the dryer so we check it almost daily. The big thing with this unit is oil and filters. It overheats when the oil needs changing or filters are getting gunked up (sometimes happens ahead of recommended service). As for moisture with this system,no troubles so far. Keep an eye on the bowls on your machines. You might consider putting a drop line with a valved site bowl just after your compressor to aid in getting some of the water out - not a 100% solution but an inexpensive way to reduce water.

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