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parts left on a reel

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parts left on a reel | 20 August, 2012

Hi we have Juki KE-750L's is there any program to work out how many parts left on the reel, on the machine, the placement program does have a option to keep this number, but once you finish the run and start a new run the figure is lost. Unless I misunderstand it. I was thinking of making a EXCEL spreadsheet and keep track of when the part runs out and deduced the parts used on the remaining run, there must be a easier way. There is a way to estimate the remaining parts using the “triangle series” you measure in the inside diameter, the outside diameter, count how many layers (either by measurement or physically counting) drop it into a formula with the distance between the parts and left the spreadsheet work it out …..... and have faith the answer is close enough?

Just to add if you would like to know how many parts left on the reel, then it is quite simple, by measuring the inside diameter you get the circumference (2pi*R) if there is 100 parts on the inner layer and 200 on the outside layer and 10 layers we have 10*100 + (10* ½100) or 1500, it gets a bit harder working out the layer count (or the thickness of the layer, so you can do it by formula) try testing your formula on a full reel.

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parts left on a reel | 22 August, 2012

how about this for resistor & capactors with 4mm pitch, all measurements in millimeters. cell A1 "Input inside diameter" answer in cell B1 cell A2 "Input outside diameter"answer in cell B2 cell A3 "Input layer width,(from inner to outside layer) (not used in this example)" cell A4 "Input number of layers" answer in cell B4 cell C1 =PI()*B1 (gives length in first layer) cell C2 =PI()*B2 (gives lenght of last layer) cell D1 =(PI()*B1)/4 (gives components of inside layer) cell D2 =(PI()*B2)/4 (gives components of outside layer)

minus start 48 parts minus end 95 parts

In total cell =(((PI()*B1)/4 )*B4)+((((PI()*B2/4)-(PI()*B1/4))/2)*B4-48-95

sorry I did not finish it fully with the minus start & finsh.

I got very close to 5000 on a full reel of 5000 resistors, then I counted it by 300mm lengths and got 5006, but I could of missed one of two or ...

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parts left on a reel | 18 September, 2012

Sounds like a plan.

The usual way is to count how many you use on the job either by pre-calculation. Or how many clicks the machine counts and save the data before switch off, then drop it back into a spread sheet. This depends very much on the machine you are running. The first method is fairly universal and not hard to do with a board design and a spreadsheet. But at the risk of blowing my own trumpet my program PCB Synergy actually does this in its Stock Control/Accounting functions. Just import the board, write how many to make, in the Options tab hit Process and all comonents used where etc are in a text BOM and a CSV BOM

It does as happily turns out generate an SMT file for the Juki 750 series also. The web address:

regards Sarason.

P.S.Hope this made your day!! Any further enquiries can be posted to this thread or the email on the page.

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