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Heller Oven

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Matt Kehoe


Heller Oven | 30 August, 2012

Heller 1500W running on Windows 95. Warms up fine but the belt speed will not adjust. Running very fast and will not slow down when adjusted. Anyone ever seen this?

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Heller Oven | 30 August, 2012

Common problem. Start at the Encoder and measure the 5v square wave. Trace it back to the Frequency to Analogue converter, then to the controler.

I assume that your conveyor is in good shape. i.e. With the motor disconnected, the chain should flow freely though the extrusion without binding due to flux on the chain. Did you check the condition of the Brushes in the DC conveyor motor ?

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Heller Oven | 14 September, 2012

Try to check encoder if properly locked, also check encoder connector if properley inserted, if all good, it's possible that the conveyor controller or encoder problem... to check controller related just try to set in zero value, then if conveyor are still running, the possible problem are controller, then if the conveyor respond in zero settings and if have a value setting not controllable, the possible problem is encoder...

art smt techician

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