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Capacitor marking

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Capacitor marking | 6 September, 2012

Does anybody have the marking code for for a capacitor this one has "EG84" marked on it. I am getting a bit of list mainly for resistors, most capacitors are blank that we get. But dont have a "letter-letter-number-number" code

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Capacitor marking | 6 September, 2012

This appears to be a non-standard marking. Where did you find this? What is is out of? The 84 may be related to the cap value. Have you tried to measure it? I'm not sure about the "EG" part of it. This marking may be mfg specific, but the standard markings will value the value of the cap. (104 = 0.1uF) or be color-coded. Are you looking for a replacement part or trying to satisfy your own curiosity?

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Capacitor marking | 7 September, 2012

HO what a BIG twit I am, for wasting your time (and a few hours myself trying many options on google). It is not EG84 it must be E684, (I will have another look next time I go back to work) you see I know the value, I thought it was a new secret code for capacitor markings and wanted to get that, I did not post the value until I saw what would of been the "a new code". So now I know it must be 684 that is right 680nF.

However E is the code for 25 Volts, it should be C for 16 Volt as it is a 16 Volt 680nF capacitor, it come off a reel from Fenghua Advanced Technology part number T450A16841CMAP4

So that completes my question and shows that all of the SMT markings can be found on Internet via google or whatever.

------- MORE ------- and we have even more time wasted.

OK here is a table that matches E=16V C = 6.3 V D = 10 V E = 16 V F = 25 V G = 40 V H = 63 V

the other earlier table I had is; e=2.5V G=4V J=6.3 A=10V C=16V D=20V E=25V V=35V H=50V

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