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SMD Marking Code unrecognise

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SMD Marking Code unrecognise | 28 September, 2012

Hi, I cannot find the following SMD semiconductor marking code 'H890' somebody help me


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SMD Marking Code unrecognise | 29 September, 2012

I tried to look for "H890" on Internet and went nuts, (Thanks to Google) I would think H890 is part of a diode manufacturer part number. Have you tested it for a diode function? or maybe you have this is why you want a replacement.

Tantalum capacitor have a Letter-Number-Number-Number format code were Letter is the volt rating (H=50V) and the number-number-number is the value of the capacitor in the ËIA code "format but I would doubt if there was a 50V 89pF Tantalum capacitor, (unless it is proof the world is going stupid) and by the way 890 is not a preferred value on the E96 table, and could you get such a low value, high tolerance tantalum. So what I am saying, it is not a Tantalum capacitor.

------ a bit more added about a hour later ------ Of course if you know the package type this might help with the internet search engine results. PACKAGE TYPE ------ BODY SIZE (not to be confused with over all length) DO-214AC (SMA) 4.6 * 2.7 DO-214AA (SMB) 5 * 3.7 DO-214AB (SMC) 7.5 * 5.8

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SMD Marking Code unrecognise | 2 October, 2012

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