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HTI Screen Printer

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HTI Screen Printer | 11 October, 2012

I've inherited an old HTI screen printer, and have been told that it was in operation before it was sent to my shop.

I'm now trying to get it working, but, with no knowledge of the printer or the control system, I keep banging my head against it.

Anyone out there have some knowledge (or, even better, a manual) on HTI printers?

So far, I've managed to energize the system, and get the air going. I can lift the stencil head, and have the table moving. The other day, the table would shuttle in and out of the print area, but the squeegee arm wouldn't move. Today, I managed to get the table to shuttle in to the print area, and the squeegee arm to move to the front of the machine (I'm guessing it's prepared for a print cycle at this point); however, the squeegee arm will not cycle back to the back of the machine (or, I guess, perform a print), and the table won't shuttle back out of the print area.

I could also use some information on hanging the squeegees. I've figured out how to get the #1 squeegee on the machine, but, can't quite figure out how the #2 squeegee assembly attaches.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Cheers, ..rob

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HTI Screen Printer | 11 October, 2012

I don't know dip about operating your new printer, but the following people own HTI printers and might be willing to help you [don't tell them that I sent you] * GRT Electronics, 3805 Beryl Road, Raleigh, NC 27607; 919-821-1996 General Manager/Owner: Rick Daves

* SAE Materials, 340 Martin Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050; 408.492.1784 Mario Salazar, VP of Operations X353 C408.910.2776

* Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions, LLC (IMS), 645 Harvey Road, Manchester, NH 03103; 603.296.1160 Vadim Plotsker, President, 603-232-8221

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HTI Screen Printer | 14 October, 2012

Thanks, Dave.

I'm working on tracking down the Engineering Manager at Milara, as well, since they bought HTI's assets, and just released a new printer that looks like mine.

I just left NH, and didn't realize IMS was still in operation.

cheers, ..rob

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