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wave solder Installation/set-up

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wave solder Installation/set-up | 17 October, 2012

We are going through the motions of acquiring and setting up a new to us wave solder machine. My question, is any utilizing a solder/flux containment pan or other type system beneath the wave to help keep areas around the wave solder machine cleaner than they otherwise would be without it?

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wave solder Installation/set-up | 20 October, 2012

I've been in shops with a flux containment pan under the wave fluxer. While I'd rather see excess flux in a containment pan than on the floor, but I'd prefer to see flux applied precisely to eliminate the need for either using a containment pan or cleaning up fluxer slobber from the floor.

So, how about you talking to us about: * Type of fluxer you're using * Preheater power and type * Flux type and formulation * Steps you take in setting-up the fluxer * Steps you take in maintaining the fluxer

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