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Software MYPLAN MYDATA | 29 October, 2012


Here in our factory we have a line with 3 mydatas MY9 in series. I'm trying to do a optimization of a new product but I'm facing some problems.

I noticed that after the optimization the software is considering all the components that use only MIDAS tool to the last line machine, but it is so stupid. The software doesnt consider these components on the optimization... it just put them on last machine...

I looked for some option on myplan software, but i didn't find nothing about it.

Did anybody already faced this kind of problem before? Could please, help me...

This way, the software is considering after optimization: * machine A - 1 ALM8 magazine; * machine B - 2 ALM8 magazines; * machine C - 2 ALM12, 1 ALM8, 2 TM24, 1 TMFLEX and 1 tray... Of course the setup isnt optimized....


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Software MYPLAN MYDATA | 22 November, 2012

are you using grouping in the program?

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Software MYPLAN MYDATA | 18 January, 2013

What version of software a re you using ? Some older versions of MyPlan have this problem? I have it with mine an is TPSys 2.4.6 and 3.3 MyPlan I cant ever get one right so I just use it as a guideline

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