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LGA Rework

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LGA Rework | 23 November, 2012

With all of the various techniques available for LGA rework including but not limited to:

Bumping the part using a polyimide stencil

Bumping the part using a metal fixture or

Dispensing onto the board using an automated dispense technique

or simply paste printing on to the board

what techniques are being used successfully?

Our group likes the bumping of the part technique for LGA rework as it is consistent in solder paste bump deposition, reduces voids compared to the other techniques and provides a slightly higher standoff height for easier cleaning post LGA rework.



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Pete B


LGA Rework | 26 November, 2012

We print paste directly on to the parts then invert, place & reflow using a dedicated I/R rework station. Works well for us on a wide variety of footprints.

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