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SMT assembly line required

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SMT assembly line required | 1 December, 2012

Hi, We are starting a small SMT assembly line for batch production. Following equipment has been finalized.

1) APS Novastar Reflow oven > GF-B-HT 2) ELPRO Manual Pick and place > MAN32 + vision system 3) Ren Thang Manual Stencil printer > STP550

Can anyone quote the best price for the above? We are also considering to buy in used condition. Please contact if you have any of the above.

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SMT assembly line required | 1 December, 2012

Post your equipment wants here:

Further, links to equipment resellers are posted on that page

Used equipment resellers that support SMTnet are: * IBE SMT Equipment , 318 Corporate Woods Dr, Magnolia, TX 77354; (800) 353-6942 (281)259-9660 F(281)259-8863 * Capital Equipment Exchange Co; 2802 Barney Ct, McHenry, IL 60051; 815.363.0800 F815.363.0809 * Robo-Tek; 877-360-PCBA * Precision Placement Machines, Inc.; 326 Main St, Unit 11, Fremont, NH 03044; (603)895-5112 F(603)895-5113 * Cardinal Circuit, 7233 123rd Cir Largo, FL 33773; (614) 327-2601 * Adopt SMT Germany GmbH, Halberst├Ądter Str. 85a, 33106 Paderborn (DE);+49 5251-68939-0 F+49 5251-68939-69 * JMW Inc Paul Leifeld, GM, 507-864-7477 C507-458-6785 Brian Ebbinger, Sales, 507-864-7477 C507-459-0149

* Xline Assets 1161 Ringwood Court, Suite 50, San Jose, CA 95131; 408.717.4538 F(270) 573-8797

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SMT assembly line required | 18 January, 2013

Listen to DAVEF he knows

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SMT assembly line required | 21 January, 2013

On used machines: The 'technical' owner of the company who recently sold up his part of the company said, "always give the machine a regular grease up!" otherwise the bearings might fail and that will cost BIG money to repair, he added that some ethnic groups around the world dont give a hoot on greasing and so he would not buy any machine from those Nationality

I dont want to mention any group on this forum (it might start a argument) but if Dave ask me on a private posting I will tell him, unless he knows already.

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SMT assembly line required | 23 January, 2013

I saw the equipment you want to purchase and .....are you sure? Don't you really want to give it to somebody to do it for you? If not buy just the printer. Print, place by hand, bake it in a cooking oven with a fan(it is very cheap). Print can be done manually too, but it is a pain...

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