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SMT-5000 Capability

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SMT-5000 Capability | 5 December, 2012

We have an SMT-5000 that we have been using for many years, but up till now the smallest device was SOIC, SOT23 type devices.

Now I have designed a board that has a 24 pin TQFN-EP device and a 10 pin LFCSP_W device. I am concerned that this is beyond the capability of this machine.

Our throughput is practically nil, so that isn't an issue, just being able to get these devices placed.

Does anybody know if the SMT-5000 can do this, or have a recomendation for how to get these devices placed?



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SMT-5000 Capability | 5 December, 2012

Your SMT5000 can place 25 thou components. I'd guess the TQFN-EP is 16 thou pitch. You get the picture.

Before considering the purchase a capable machine, I'd add copper to the board to give my operators a break when they tweek the position of these components after placement. Just add a copper "L" at each corner of the component. Obviously, copper is more accurate than ink.

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