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Stencil cleaner

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Stencil cleaner | 8 January, 2013


I'm looking to buy the stencil cleaner. Could you please advise what sort of options, parameters etc I should be focusing on?



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Stencil and Misprinted Board Cleaning Handbook | 8 January, 2013


Stencil cleaner | 21 January, 2013

It depends really on what you are looking to spend. there are small bench top ultra sonic style cleaners ( eg

or larger full automatic immersion style cleaners eg

the hand held products do a good job as long as you use a fluid that is designed to clean stencils that does not contain alcohol

the larger systems can use cleaning agents like vigon from Zestron

I have experience with both styles of system and they both make a difference when used correctly.

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Stencil cleaner | 22 January, 2013

Why cant you use alcohol ? Some stencil cleaners use alcohol....

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Stencil cleaner | 24 January, 2013

as you know, alcool is extremely flamable, the vapors are hazardous, prolonged contact with skin is not recommended, etc...

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Stencil cleaner | 11 February, 2013

the reason for not using alcohol in a stencil cleaning fluid is that while alcohol is great for removing liquid fluxes its not good for the solids in the flux it tends to harden them more and make a tacky surface on the stencil. I have seen apertures with what looked like rings of solid flux building up. The cleaning materials like vigon or the ones that smell like orange glow are good at removing both solid and liquid flux

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